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united airlines cancellation policy

United Airlines Cancellation Policy

United Airlines is one of the largest airlines and offers its best deals to its customers. As it is one of the largest, it may be cost-effective, and even its cancellation policy can also be expensive…
But United Airlines clarified that it is not like that; in the flight cancellation policy, it provided its best facility to the customers.
After booking a flight with United Airlines, if you need to cancel it and don’t know about its cancellation policy. So, we are here for you. We will provide a summary of United Airlines Cancellation and Change policy and the full information you need while canceling your reservation.

United Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy

United Airlines offers a 24 risk-free cancellation policy on all tickets, like other airlines. Passengers can cancel their reservation within 24 hours of their flight booking and get a full refund on their fares. Afterward, some costs will be charged as a cancellation fee on tickets. United Airlines has different flight cancellation rules for different flights:-

1) Basic Economy Tickets:- United Airlines flight cancellation policy in basic economy only follows 24-risk free cancellation policy. Afterward, it does not allow its passengers to cancel their flights.
2) Refundable Tickets:- Passengers with refundable tickets can cancel their flight any-time before the flight's scheduled departure. The refund amount will be credited to your account in the original form of payment.
3) Non-Refundable Tickets:- Non –refundable tickets can be refunded with the full amount only when the passenger cancels their flight in a 24-hour risk-free period. Afterward, he needs to pay some charge as a cancellation fee, which will be deducted from the original fare amount. The left value will be kept for future travel with American airlines.
4) Award Tickets:- United airline's cancellation policy for award tickets varies as per the categories of customers. Different premier members bears different cancellation fees.

Charges for United Flights Cancellation fees

Basic Economy tickets:- The passenger with basic economy tickets can’t cancel its flight after the 24-hours risk free cancellation period so there is no need of cancellation fee here.
Refundable tickets:- As refundable tickets can be cancelled at any-time before flight’s scheduled departure, there is no cancellation fee and the passenger will get full amount of the fare in its credit.
Non-Refundable tickets:- Non-refundable tickets can be cancelled after the 24-hours risk-free period but it will cast a cancellation fees of $200 for domestic flights and $400 for international flights that will be deducted from the original fare amount and the left value will be credited for the future United airlines travel.
Award Tickets:- Award tickets bears some cancellation charges ($25 to $125) according to the premier members.

Cancellation Fee General Members Silver Members Gold Members Platinum Members 1k members
Cancellation within 60 days from the flight departure $125 $100 $75 $50 $0
After 60 days of the flight departure $75 $50 $25 $0 $0

United Airlines Refund Policy

All the fares tickets are eligible for a full refund only when they get canceled within a 24-hours risk-free period. The refunded amount will be credited in the form of the original payment method.
No refund exists on basic economy fares, as cancellation is not allowed after a 24-hours risk-free period.
Refundable fares are eligible to get a full refund of the original fare even if it's canceled after a 24-hours risk-free period.
In non-refundable tickets, the cancellation must be made before the flight's scheduled departure. The tickets will be refunded for their canceled flight after deducting cancellation fees from the original fare amount. The remaining amount will be credited to your credit voucher for future travel with United Airlines.
The refund for online payment is marked to be credited to the passenger's account within seven business days.
The cash payment will take up to 20 business days for a refund.

Policy when the airline cancels its flight

Flight cancellation by people is common, but there are rare cases when the airline needs to cancel its flight. The reasons are most unfortunate and unfavorable, sometimes out of the airlines' control. In that case, the airline informs passengers via text or email ID. For passenger secureness, it also changes the flight or arranges a new flight, and the most preferable is to get a full refund of the flight ticket.

Policy for delayed flights

In case of delayed flights, the passengers can get informed by SMS or email or on the United Airlines app, i.e., united app, and visit the official website, i.e.,
With a delay of 2-3 hours or more, the airline offers services like refreshments or meals and sometimes provides an alternate flight.
Sometimes, passengers miss the connected flight with the subsequent original flight. In that situation, the airlines arrange alternate flights. It constantly informs its passengers about any updates regarding their connected flight.
Even in case of overbooking an alternate flight, the airlines don’t make the passenger regret or feel demotivated. It transfers its passengers to a different flight or arranges a new flight booking and also offers compensation for the inconvenience of the passengers.

Compensation rules for delayed flights by the United Airlines

Delay time Compensation (% of the full ticket price)
Within 1 hour None
1 to 3 hours 200
More than 3 400

Refund on cancelled flights

Distance (km) Compensation (USD)
Less than 300
1500 to 3500 400
More then 3500 600

United Airlines Flight change policy

United Airlines' change policy also follows a 24-hours risk-free period. It allows passengers to change their flights free of cost within this period for domestic flights within the U.S., Mexico, or the Caribbean. All the fare classes come under this period. Afterwards, there would be some terms according to the different fare classes.

Refundable tickets:- It does not charge any flight change fees, but if you choose an expensive fare compared to the original fare, you need to pay the difference. Otherwise, the left amount will be credited to the original payment method.
Non-refundable tickets:- In this ticket, united airlines' change fees are the same as for refundable tickets. There is a change fee of $75 for the Silver and general united members. Others are exempted from the change fee.
Basic economy tickets:- Basic economy tickets can change their flight within a 24-hours risk-free period. Afterwards, changes in flight booking are not allowed.
Award tickets:- United airline's change fee is removed for the award ticket. The passengers can switch their flights without paying any charge.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)- United Airlines Cancellation Policy

How to check flight status with United Airlines?

You can directly check your flight status on the official website of united airlines, i.e., You need to log in with your username & password; further, go to "my trips", Enter your PNR Number and last name and look for your flight status or you can contact us at +1-332-699-4898.

Is there any difference in change fees for domestic and international fares?

There is a difference in change fees for both domestic and international fares.
Domestic fare:- $200
International fare:- $400

Can I avoid paying united flight cancellation fee?

There is the only way to avoid paying the cancellation fee. You have to cancel your flight within a 24-hours risk-free period. This period is the same for all fare tickets.

Can I change or cancel my flight reservation after check-in with United Airlines?

As per the united cancellation policy, If you have already checked in, you cannot change or cancel your flight reservation. You must need to cancel your check-in first.

Can we change the flight booking on call?

You can contact +1-332-699-4898 and share your details to change your flight reservation.

Do United Airlines cancel flights?

Due to some unfavorable circumstances, airlines need to cancel their flights. But it also offers compensation, and you can ask for a refund request.

Can I change my flight to the same day as my flight departure?

To get a full flight refund, you must change your flight within the risk-free period. Afterward, you can change your flight, but you need to pay the difference with a change fee. For any query, you can directly ask our travel expert at +1-332-699-4898.

Is this possible to cancel the flight at the last minute?

It is possible to cancel the flight, but you must pay the cancellation fee. Different tickets have different terms for their cancellation.

Is there any limit to e-Credit use?

You can only use your e-Credit within one year of its issued date.

Can I rebook a cheaper flight?

You can, if you book a cheaper ticket compared to the original ticket. You will get the difference in the ticket fare, which will be credited to your e-Credit.

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