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Frontier Airlines, a low-cost airline based in Denver, Colorado, USA, is an American low-cost carrier. The airline currently flies to more than 100 destinations across the United States, Mexico and Canada. Because the airline is committed to lowering the cost of air travel for passengers, tickets can only be purchased in one class: Economy.

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Carry-on Baggage

The cost of carrying-on bags varies depending on the date you buy them. Carry-On bags cannot be larger than 10 inches tall, 16 inches wide and 24 inches long, including handles, wheels and straps, and can not weigh more than 35 pounds. The overhead bin must accommodate carry-on bags. Carry-on fees cannot be refunded.

Personal Item

Personal items must not exceed 8 inches in length, 18 inches wide, and 14 inches tall Each passenger will receive one personal item.

Checked Baggage

Checked bags should not exceed 62 inches in length (that is, length + width + depth) or be heavier than 50 pounds.

Additional Baggage

Baggage exceeding these limits will be subject to an additional $75 charge for overweight bags and $75 per oversized bag. Bags over 100 lb or more than 110 inches in length will not be accepted.

Check-In Information

Online Check-In

Online check-in is possible via Frontier Airlines' online check-in page. Passengers will need to enter the required details. Check-in online closes 60 minutes prior to the scheduled flight departure time for both domestic and international flights. You will be able to check in online on your eticket if you booked Frontier flights with Support Airlines.

Check-in at the Airport

You can also check in at the airport check-in counters. The airport should be reached no more than two hours prior to the departure of their flight. Check-in at the airport closes approximately 60 minutes prior to departure for international flights, and 45 minutes prior for domestic flights.

Economy Class

Frontier only offers Economy Class. Passengers can buy seats with extra legroom.

Economy Class Airfares

There are two types of Economy Standard Class Fares: Economy Standard and Economy Stretch. Economy Stretch passengers have wider seats and will be the first ones to board the plane. They also receive in-flight service.

Economy Class Seating

Economy class seats are 28-312 inches in height and 18 inches wide.

Economy Stretch seats have a pitch of 36-38inches, while the Economy Class seat pitch is 18inches.

In-flight Entertainment

The airline doesn't offer any in-flight entertainment to keep its passengers costs low.

- TV

Frontier Airlines does no offer in-flight TV on its flights.


This airline doesn't offer in-flight movies to keep its prices down for passengers.


- Meal Options

Frontier passengers can buy food and snacks to fuel their flight. To save money, passengers can purchase snack and drink bundles. These include snacks such as crisps, chocolate, beef jerky and nuts.

- Dietary Special Requirements

They do not offer any special meals as they don't provide meals at no cost. Passengers have the option to purchase snacks or check the ingredients on the flight to make sure they are adequate. Or, you can bring your own food onto the plane.

- Drinks & Alcohol

Frontier does not offer complimentary beverages as part of its service. Frontier passengers can buy a variety of beverages onboard their flights. This includes alcoholic beverages such as spirits, beer, and wine, but also soft drinks like soda, water and coffee.

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